The signs that your cat loves you!

How often do you hear that dogs show more signs of love than cats? Well, I have news for you: that’s absolutely not true! I myself Googled which signs a cat shows when they like you, and my cat scores extremely high! If you also want to find out whether your cat loves you or not, now’s your chance!

  1. Purring

A cat (mostly) only makes that sound when it feels safe.

2. Meowing

A cat can make different meow sounds. Maybe you can talk to your cat and you’ll hear several meows. This communication points to a good bond between the two of you.

3. Cleaning near you

Cats like to clean themselves; preferably in a closed place. If they do this in front of you, it means they feel comfortable.

4. Folded paws while sleeping

A cat that feels safe will have a comfortable sleeping position.

5. End of the tail

A cat’s tail tells what mood it’s in. Does the tip of his tail curl? Then your cat loves you dearly.

6. Squinted eyes

Does your cat close its eyes when you pet it? Another sign that it enjoys your company.

7. Sleeping on the back

When a cat lies on its back, you can easily reach its tummy. A cat that trusts a human will show itself in such a vulnerable position.

8. Sleeping on your stuff

Does your cat like to lie on your clothes and other things? Then this means that it’s looking for your scent! A true sign of love.

9. In your lap

You’re sitting at the kitchen table or in your bed and suddenly your cat jumps on your lap. When this happens, it’s proof that your cat likes you.

10. Staring

Cats are curious animals, so their attention is short but strong. But when a cat continues to stare and blink slowly, it means you’re admired.

11. Welcome home!

If your cat greets you when you come home, rest assured that he likes you. He was hoping you’d come back.

12. Sleeping with you

Does your cat come to lie down with you? You’re lucky, in order to sleep your cat needs to feel safe.

13. Forehead against yours

Does your cat sometimes push its head against your leg? In cat language, this equates to hugs. He also does this because he wants you to have the same scent.

14. Following

A cat follows you around the house like a little lap dog. This is clearly a cat who enjoys your company.

15. Massaging

You have fallen asleep and your cat begins to knead gently. He alternates with his left and right paw.

16. Licking

If your cat licks your hands or face, don’t be upset. Your cat likes to be with you and mimics what the mother was like during his kitten time. So, you’re part of the family!

17. Nibbling

Cats nibble at each other to show affection. As long as they don’t bite too hard, this is their way of expressing love and affection.

18. Gift

Whether it’s a toy or a dead bird/mouse, this is proof that your cat wants to make you happy!

19. Rubbing against legs

When a cat rubs your legs, he likes to be with you. Cats have sensitive noses and this is a sign that he wants to share his scent with you.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ā¤

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Image source: Pexels


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