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The right body language in any situation

You have to give a presentation, have a date, or an important (job) interview. You may practice how and what to say. But, did you know that your body language is way more important than the words coming from your mouth? I have a short course for you on how to handle all this like a pro!

  1. Speaking in front of a group

For some, speaking in front of a group is really scary. You show through your body language that you’re nervous, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But you can still cheat a bit with your body language to make yourself look more confident.

How do you do that? Take an open stance. When you’re nervous or insecure, you tend to make yourself small. Therefore, make sure you stand upright, your shoulders back a bit, and your chin slightly up. Place your feet firmly together.

And watch your hands too. A handy trick is steepling: make a triangle with your hands by pressing all your fingertips together. This stands for knowledge and self-confidence.

2. Job interview

Whatever the reason for your conversation, nerves are always there. Of course, you want to hide those nerves. Or better yet: be the boss. With your body language, you won’t only fool others, but also yourself.

By adopting a position that takes up a lot of space, you increase your testosterone level and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Sit and rest one arm on the armrest. Let the other hang along with the backrest and cross your legs, with your ankle on your knee. Placing both your elbows on the back of the chair is also good posture.

3. Date

During a date you not only want to put yourself on the map, but you also want to know whether the other person is worth it. An open attitude is therefore extremely important. Tilting your head is also a good thing. And of course smile.

Also by imitating the body language of the other person, he or she will like you more. This is also called mirroring. But, don’t imitate. Mirroring too much can have the opposite effect. It has been proven that people like their interlocutor more when there’s a little mirroring. For example, does he/she run a hand through her hair? Then you can put a strand of hair behind your ears. Or vice versa.

Note the distance between you. Is your date coming closer or are you leaning towards each other? Then there’s a click. This is also noticeable with small touches. And if the other person’s chin rests on his/her hand, that also means interest. Does he/she have their hands in their pockets? That could mean your date isn’t interested. And watch the feet. If they point in your direction, you’re good. But if they point towards the exit, your date will want to end the date.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ā¤

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