The thoughts you have at the hair salon

When you’re at the hair salon, it can sometimes take a very long time. Waiting for your turn, the cutting itself. You get bored easily or think about completely different things. But, you recognise all these things when you’re there!

  1. Is that me?

As soon as you put the cape on, you feel like a potato. Do you really look like this? Is this how people see me every day? Oh my gosh, why do I feel like everyone’s staring at me…

2. It takes forever

Waiting can take up lots of your time, and so does the cutting process of your hair. Then boredom sets in and you start staring at yourself in the mirror. Or you’re going to pick your nails. How much longer?

3. Scary

You’re a bit worried that the haircut won’t turn out pretty. Or that the colour doesn’t look the way you wish. But have a little faith in your hairdresser! He/she really does wonders!

4. Only the ends!

You said it like this: you just want the ends off. But what’s happening? You really get the feeling that more than 15 centimetres are being cut off… Will you even dare to look at the ground later?

5. I need to pee!

Oh no… “Um, how much time do you need?” you ask the hairdresser. ”About 10 more minutes.” You don’t like the answer if your bladder indicates that you really need to go to the bathroom. Why didn’t you go to the bathroom before the haircut? Now you have to sit still and that’s not possible!

6. Hungry

It takes so damn long! And then you suddenly get hungry. Your stomach starts to rumble and your cheeks turn red. Just a little patience, soon you can enjoy a bun, and your new haircut.

7. Price

What? Is the hairdresser that expensive? I just want to cut the ends… Even blow-drying is too expensive, let alone dye your hair. You know, never mind. Maybe next month. Or the month after that. Or after that…

8. Products

You’re always amazed when you’re at the hairdresser. There are so many products! What you wouldn’t give to have all that at home!

9. See you next time!

Your haircut looks great, and you’re very satisfied. But as soon as you leave the salon, remind yourself that you have to go through the above each time you visit. Sigh, it never ends…

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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