The things most people don’t get

There are those things that no one understands. And somehow that doesn’t matter, ’cause nobody understands it. Get it? Anyway, you might wonder what things I’m talking about? So, let me tell you!

  1. What’s the difference between concealer, foundation and bronzer? Who’s to say? Most women, or even some men (if they use make-up) use everything together anyway.
  2. How does photosynthesis work? Well, nobody really knows. Not even if you passed your biology exam. ‘Cause how on earth do you remember that it has everything to do with carbon assimilation and glucose ratio?
  3. You order something, and then you get the following pop-up in front of you: ‘Read our terms and conditions.’ A whole piece of text, which no one will read. Accept, and go. Next screen.
  4. How should you repair a bicycle tire? Or change a car tire? Once you’ve done it, you’ll remember it. However, someone will have to explain it to you first.
  5. Fix a hole in a shirt. Well, um… Mum? A little help perhaps?
  6. The AEX index. Um, what the hell’s that? Oh that has something to do with the Nasdaq and the Nikkei index? Oh, great.
  7. Why is everything in a soap/series always so ‘fake?’ You notice that everything isn’t real, and that makes it incredibly unbelievable. Such a shame.
  8. How does offside work? Your father and brother have explained it to you 100 times, but you still don’t get it. Oh the ball is out! Is that offside?
  9. Did you pass that difficult test? How? You barely learned and the test was incredibly difficult… Oh, who cares. Points in!
  10. How is it possible that your own family’s food always tastes better than the same food from someone else? Is it a special family recipe or does your family just have magical hands?
Question Marks on Paper Crafts

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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