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How to get rid of static from your hair?

It’s getting colder outside, so chances are your hair is suffering from “winter ailments.” Static hair is one of those well-known winter ailments. It can be really annoying, but that’s why I have tips for you!

  1. Comb & hairspray

If you’re prone to static hair, it’s better to use a comb than a brush. A brush creates more friction. A metal comb is the best tool to use. Your hair can still become static from a plastic comb.

2. Don’t wash too often and don’t blow dry

When your hair has to endure this often, it dries out. Try to postpone washing as much as possible and let your hair dry au naturel. Do you necessarily want to use the hairdryer? Then use a low setting.

3. No wool sweater

In the field of static hair, this is a real culprit. Synthetics will also make your hair mega static. So let it hang, don’t wear it.

4. Hair oil & cream

You have to make sure that your hair doesn’t dry out. You do that by feeding it with hair oil. Are you away from home and suddenly get static hair? Then hand cream can be a good, temporary solution. Provided you have this with you of course. Put a little on your hands and rub it through your hair.

5. Watch out with beanies and scarfs

How do you prevent this from happening? Spray them both with hairspray before you go out. This will prevent your hair from standing up as soon as you take off your hat.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤ 

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Image source: Pexels

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