Recognisable struggles when you’re online shopping

Online shopping means ordering whatever you want from the comfort of your home (or bed). It’s easy and requires little effort. Still, there are a few things, little annoyances, that often occur when shopping online. And these are my struggles!

  1. You clicked on an item, a few pages further. When you click back, you’re back on page 1, and you can scroll through the page all over again. Maybe it’s more convenient to open different tabs?
  2. You have forgotten your account password. Sigh, now you have to request a new one.
  3. That one shirt you’ve been dying to buy is available in every size… except yours. Of course it’s already sold out…
  4. You’re about to spend 50 pounds, but when you receive the message that you have to pay 6 pounds in shipping costs, you spontaneously start to doubt.
  5. When you want to checkout your order, you’ll see that some items are no longer available. Two minutes ago everything was still in stock…?
  6. You have reached the maximum number of products. Now you have to throw stuff out of your shopping cart… But what?
  7. You find out that you’re 2 pounds short for the free shipping. Are you really forced to buy something small and useless? Fine, everything to avoid those shipping costs.
  8. Your ten minutes have passed, and everything’s thrown out of your shopping cart. Now you have to look everything up again…
  9. Waiting for your package is super annoying. You’re always afraid of missing the delivery guy.
  10. Sure enough, when you get home, there’s a note on the doormat. Now you have to pick up your package at a collection point.
  11. Your neighbours are getting annoyed by you and your packages. They have to accept your packages constantly because you’re not at home. Sorry!
  12. You look at your order and are suddenly quite disappointed. It looked a lot nicer on screen…
  13. You try on the clothes and find out that the size isn’t right. You doubt what to do, because returning it causes so much trouble…
  14. The webshop accepts unworn returns, but paid. Hello, I have already paid the shipping costs?
  15. After you have re-ordered and returned a number of items, your items are suddenly on sale. Are you serious?

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels

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