The thoughts you have when you have a pimple

Everyone suffers from pimples from time to time, that’s a human thing. However, once a pimple appears, we wonder why it’s there at all. You recognise these things when you have a pimple!

  1. Is it noticable?

As soon as you discover that you have a pimple, ask someone you know if they see anything different. If their answer is no, you wonder if you’re crazy or if they’re blind. Because to you, it’s definitely there. And it’s big.

2. Staring

You see people looking at you and the suspicion is that they’re staring at your pimple. Yes, I have a pimple. Is that something you’ve never seen before? I think you’ve had them yourself!

3. The size

No matter how big or small it is, the pimple will always feel like it’s the biggest one you’ve ever had. It’s red, and there’s a yellow/white dot and it’s quite painful. No matter how small it is, you think it covers your whole face.

4. How? Why?

You always wonder where those pimples come from. Is it your diet, your pillowcase or do you have to get your period (for the women among us)? It’s something that never has one answer only, and that’s the most annoying thing ever.

5. Ice

“Maybe it’ll help if I put ice on it?” That’s one of the thoughts floating around in your head. Once you cover the pimple with ice, you feel like it actually works. Is it getting smaller?

6. Pop it

The first thing people do with a pimple is to pop it. Don’t! Because if you pop your pimple, a scab will form on the spot. When you tend to scratch it all the time, it becomes a stain. So if you really want to get rid of the pimple, you better go to the beautician.

7. Makeup

Popping it isn’t the smartest idea, so you’re dependent on covering it up with makeup. While that’s not great for your pimple either, it’s still better than popping it. However, the makeup actually makes the pimple more visible than you think!

8. Food and drinks

There are certain products that cause more pimples. Now that you have a pimple, you search for this list on Google. Don’t believe everything you read and don’t change your entire diet. Pimples are a part of life, just keep eating what you eat.

9. No pictures

When you discover a pimple, you definitely don’t want to take pictures. But as I said before, pimples are a part of life. Everyone has (had) them. If it really annoys you, you can always consult Photoshop to get rid of your pimples.

Person Holding White Plastic Bottle

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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