Do you like cheese or are you just addicted?

A life without cheese? You really can’t imagine that! It’s your great love. Although I regularly eat cheese myself, preferably vegan, I’m not addicted to cheese. But as a real cheese-lover you’ll certainly recognise the following!

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

On bread, in your salad or as a topping on your dinner: as long as there’s cheese added. And in the evening you snack some cheese sticks, toast or baguette with cheese spread or brie.

2. Melted cheese is heavingly

That’s why a grilled cheese sandwich is your favourite meal during lunchtime and you never say no to some grated cheese on your pasta. Fortunately, there are countless recipes online that contain melted cheese.

3. Parmesan cheese

“Would you like Parmesan cheese on your pasta? Just say stop when you think it’s enough,” the waiter tells you. You’d prefer not to say stop, but at some point you’ll have to. Otherwise you’re eating a plate of cheese rather than pasta

4. Quattro Formaggi: your favourite pizza

The only pizza with a good portion of cheese is the Quattro Formaggi. Even with this pizza, the cheese-lover asks for extra cheese. Although you have to ask yourself if you really don’t have enough cheese on it already.

5. Allergies

The cheese-lover can hardly believe that this really exists. How can you be allergic to cheese? What’s that about? The cheese-lover will get to the bottom of it to see if there’s a cure for it. It can’t be that someone can never eat cheese, can it?

6. Dislike

You’re lying, aren’t you? Or do you really not like it? But why not? What’s so bad about it? Bring on that cross-examination.

7. Cheese fondue

As a cheese-lover, you’re happy that the winter period is approaching. For you, using the cheese fondue every day is a real party during the Christmas holidays. Christmas dinner with cheese guys?

8. Addiction

No, of course the cheese-lover isn’t addicted. Because when are you addicted to cheese? Is it something bad? No, it can’t be. ANd I bet you’re consulting Google now.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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