Don’t use bags? Then you’ll recognise this!

Everywhere you look, everyone’s carrying a bag. Of course that makes sense, because how else do you take your stuff with you? But you’re someone who carries everything with you, without the need for a bag. And these things are therefore familiar to you!

  1. Everything you need is safely stored in your trouser or jacket pocket: your phone, keys and your wallet. Nothing more and nothing less.
  2. Your friends don’t understand that you can walk around with so little stuff. Well, it’s not that hard, because you don’t really need that much.
  3. In turn, you don’t understand why your friends carry so much with them. If they need anything, they spend an hour looking in their bag.
  4. Some people also have an entire drugstore in their bag. Deodorant, mascara, perfume, eyeliner, nail polish, bronzer and so on. There’s no end to it. And the weird part, they forget to put the most important stuff in their bag.
  5. Because you don’t have much with you, you also forget things less quickly. You always have everything with you, because your checklist consists of only a few items.
  6. You also don’t understand why everyone has such large bags in their possession. Often half of the bag isn’t even filled!
  7. When people give you their things with the sentence: ‘can you put this in your bag?’ You think to yourself: in which bag exactly?
  8. Often people don’t know where to leave their bags on public transport. Lap? On the seat next to you? On the ground?
  9. Carrying a bag is super annoying, especially with extra weight. Your shoulders and back will hurt, and if you have a handbag, you have to switch hands every once in a while.
  10. Sometimes you regret not having a bag with you. Especially if you go to the cinema. There’s only room for 1 bag of M&M’s in your jacket pocket.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels


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