Struggles everyone recognises when they’re wearing glasses

With the right glasses on your nose, you see the world razor sharp. And it gives a very hip look. Although, let’s be honest: it’s not always nice to have to wear glasses. You can recognise the following struggles if you wear any!

  1. Rain

You’re cycling, the sun’s shining and your music is on. Then out of nowhere, a rainstorm arrives. Your glasses are immediately covered with raindrops and you can hardly see anything. Cycling without being a danger on the road is almost impossible. Why don’t glasses have mini wipers?

2. Makeup

How do you apply makeup while wearing glasses? Well, that’s going to be difficult. You have to take off your glasses and your vision deteriorates. With your head almost pressed against the mirror, you try to apply the eyeshadow. Let’s just hope it doesn’t look like you’ve been fighting…

3. Fogged glasses

When you go from a cold room to a warm room, your glasses will fog up almost immediately. You no longer see anything with or without glasses.

4. Pictures

You often have to take off your glasses when you have a passport photo taken. Flashes, which are used regularly, cause a reflection of the light in your glasses. Your eyes wouldn’t be visible and that’s prohibited.

5. Kissing

Kissing with glasses is often very uncomfortable. Your glasses get caught on everything. Your hair, his/her hair. It almost falls off your nose, you almost poke the other person’s eyes out… Yet you want to see what you’re doing, so you just have to keep wearing them.

6. Swimming

When you go swimming, you have to take off your glasses. When you then dive into the water, you don’t see anything. The goggles don’t really help either. Your friends want to play with a ball in the water, but you don’t even see it. So, you have to sit this one out.

7. Cinema

When you go to the cinema and get 3D glasses, a dilemma arises. Do you put it over your glasses so you can see something, or do you not? The only drawback is that it’s not comfortable… Sigh, you have to, otherwise you might as well watch a film with your eyes closed.

8. Dirty glasses

There’s nothing more annoying than dirty glasses. You use your sleeve at least five times a day, but that just makes the stains worse. The sleeve is often not made of the right material. That explains why there’s always a cloth with your glasses when you pick them up at the optician.

9. Amusement park

You want to go on the roller coaster, but you’re told to take off your glasses. Imagine losing it during the ride. You’re sure it’s tight enough. Although after a few times you’ll realise that it’s not so tight and you have to hold them. You’ll have to put them away for the next ride. Although you can no longer really see the ride…

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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