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The things you recognise when you’ve seen literally everything on Netflix

We all know it: you’ve just watched the last episode of a series. And the bad thing is that you have a real Netflix addiction. You find out that there are no new options to look at. The next phases are very recognisable when you realise that you have already seen everything!

  1. On to the next

You just finished watching a new series. What now? The next series is up, but which one? There’s plenty of choice, right?

2. Too familiar

You have already seen every series you come across. You have already watched the series that are recommended. Oh no, now what?

3. Measures

No, it must be a joke. It may not be that you have already seen everything. After all, Netflix has millions of series. You do something you’ve never done before: you go to the full overview.

4. Everything put together

Unfortunately, it’s official: You’ve seen everything. You don’t know whether to be proud or disappointed, you just want to watch a series!

5. International series

Maybe there’s an international series you haven’t seen yet. Quickly check the search bar. But that also gives the same result: there’s nothing left.

6. Use Google

There’s one place that might be able to help you further: Google. There must still be something to be found somewhere… Wait! Maybe there’s a new show that has just been released. No, not at all. Shit.

7. Rewatching

Reluctantly, you go back to your list. Then you just watch a series that you’ve seen before. You have to do something, don’t you?

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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