The signs that you’re a morning person

While one is snoozing 6 times in a row, you’re awake before your alarm even goes off. In the morning you have a lot of energy and you can’t wait to start the day. In short: you’re a real morning person.

  1. You don’t mind getting up early. It’s nice to have extra time so you can do more things in the morning.
  2. You always have time for an extensive breakfast. A wonderful, energetic start to the day.
  3. Showering is never a rushed with you. You really take your time. After all, it wakes you up and gives you a fresh start.
  4. Your family doesn’t understand why you’re so happy in the morning. Neither do your friends and classmates, because they struggle to get out of bed and can go back to sleep at any time of the day.
  5. You have cleaned your room and the grocery shopping has already been done. And all that before 10 a.m. There are real benefits to getting up so early.
  6. A steady rhythm is something that helps you through the day. You get out of bed at the same time every day and go back to bed at exactly the same time every night. And your body is really happy with that.
  7. Many people think it’s drowsy that you go to bed so early. Maybe, but you wake up rested and refreshed every day.
  8. Parties start too late for you. By the time the party really gets going, you’re already packing your things to go home. After all, you want to maintain your regular sleep schedule.
  9. If your sleep rhythm is disturbed, you’re completely confused. And you prefer to lie in your bed all day.
  10. You can never participate in the discussion about series and programs that are on TV after 9 pm, because you’re sleeping at that time.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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