Annoying things all parents say

Of course we love our parents, and we really can’t live without them. But very occasionally, there are those moments where you’d rather shut them up. Why? Well I think we all feel that when they say these things!

  1. I was 16 once too

That’s right, you were once. That was when social media didn’t exist and mobile phones were still an invention. It’s just all very different now than when your parents were 16.

2. Because I say so

Any discussion ends here. But uhm, since when is that a valid answer? If we say that, we get grounded or will be send to our room. Not fair.

3. Money doesn’t grow on trees

I know mum, but that’s why I’m asking for money. I don’t have a money tree either. And I still want to get something nice for myself. Just kidding, a side job isn’t that bad.

4. If only you knew what working hard means

Well, studying isn’t easy either. Certainly not at this time. The teaching material becomes more difficult, there’s so many tests that you lose control, and then also a side job…

5. Wait until you’re an adult and the real life starts

Uhm, okay? But what’s the present life then? Is that fake?

6. If your friend jumps off a cliff, do you jump too?

No, I don’t. And why are you comparing me to them? I don’t look like them. Yes, I care about them, but I’m not a parrot that imitates them.

7. Watch your mouth!

Oh, so you heard that? But not the rest? Strangely enough, they only hear what they don’t want to hear. How’s that possible?

8. You should follow your brother’s/sister’s example

Yes, because we’re twins, sure. In fact, even if we were, we’d still be different from each other. I’m my own person.

9. Clean up your room!

It should indeed get cleaned, but if it doesn’t bother you, why does it bother them? After all, it’s your room, not theirs.

10. Nobody ever helps with chores!

9 times out of 10 you offer to help, and they say: no, you don’t have to, just work on your homework. Shortly afterwards you hear that sentence echoing through the house. Sigh, what do you want from me now?

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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