The signs that you’re a binge-watcher

You’re not addicted to one series. No, you’re addicted to all the series. Watching one episode every day is out of the question for you. You have to see everything at once. If you recognise the points below, then you’re a real binge-watcher.

  1. When a new series is announced, you immediately note the date in your calendar.
  2. You use excuses not to meet up with your friends. Sorry, but you already have something planned: watching Breaking Bad.
  3. When you get home on Friday afternoon, you immediately have everything ready to go binge in peace. Snacks: check. Drink: check. Cosy corner: check. And we can start.
  4. You watch the intro one time and then click on ‘skip intro’ for each episode. Otherwise you waste valuable time.
  5. “Are you still watching?” You roll your eyes. Duh, what else would you be doing?
  6. You eat your dinner in front of the laptop. No way you’re taking a dinner break.
  7. No! You’re already on the last episode! You pause the series and stretch your limbs. The last episode is usually the most important.
  8. Filled with enthusiasm, you start the end of the series. Just grab the tissues and prepare yourself.
  9. Wow… That’s all that comes out of your mouth after watching the season finale.
  10. Now that you’re done, try to find as much information as possible about the next season. Has production already started? Is there a new cast? Who won’t come back?
  11. You should talk to someone about it, but no one has watched the series yet. Super frustrating!
  12. When someone makes predictions about the series, you want to tell them they’re completely off because you already know how it ends. Don’t! No spoilers!
  13. Everyone around you is super slow watching the episodes. Why are they still working on the first season two days later?
  14. You can’t talk to the people around you, so the internet is the place to be.
  15. Now that you’ve seen everything, it’s time for a new series. And we start all over again!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels

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