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Types of friends at a party

It’s party time! It’s time for fun, but every friend is different. I bet you’ll recognise these types without a doubt. And if that’s not within your own circle of friends, then you probably know a few examples of others!

  1. The early bird

You’re having a great time, but that one friend wants to leave already. “I’m so tired, shall we go?” It’s only 8 o’clock! The party has yet to begin! But hey, you can’t just let them go home alone…

2. The late party animal

The biggest annoyance is when your friend wants to leave much later than you. You also don’t want to go home alone, so you just wait patiently. And you wait for a really long time, even if you had to be home a long time ago.

3.The magician

Someone from your group of friends has already disappeared as soon as you step through the door. Ah, he/she found a potential candidate to make love with. Of course they did.

4. The dancer

The music is on and your friend is going crazy. The moves are embarrassing to see and there’s no such thing as a break. But at least they’re having fun!

5. The grumpy

The party is great, but the mood is soon ruined by your grumpy friend. It’s fine that the person isn’t a party animal, but they can act fun for once, right? Please?

6. The DJ

This person always takes care of the music at parties. And to be honest, he does have taste. The music is simply great!

7. The singer

This friend knows all the songs that the DJ is playing that night. Whoops, there goes the karaoke mindset. All eyes are immediately on you two… Awkward.

8. The Snapchatter

You’re filmed non-stop by your friend. Everything must be recorded. And there it goes, shared on Snapchat right away. And if possible, Instagram of course.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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