The things you recognise when you go to a concert

I’m a real concert goer. If possible, I prefer not to miss a concert by my favourite artists. That’s why I know better than anyone what happens before, during and after a concert. If you ever go to a concert yourself, you’ll recognise the following without a doubt!

  1. It’s best to be prepared, at least that’s what they always say. You and your friend decide to get in line early so you can get a seat at the front.
  2. But then you see that more than fifty people had the same idea. There goes your idea to stand in the front.
  3. You decide to take a pre-concert photo. After all, what else are you supposed to do while you’re waiting in line?
  4. The doors are finally opened. It’s going to be a tough job to get to the front!
  5. You’re finally inside and almost knocked over, but you try to get a little closer to the stage with all your might.
  6. Here comes the support act. Fortunately, you’ll be put in the right mood before the main act starts to perform.
  7. After the support act has been removed from the stage, the stage is converted. And then the lights go out. It’s finally starting!
  8. Your face instantly turns into an instant smile. You’re blissfully happy!
  9. Sing along to the music, that’s all you do. It doesn’t matter if you sing out of tune, because everyone else does it. And the music is loud enough!
  10. You quickly grab your phone because you just have to film this. Of course you enjoy it, but you also want to record some memories to look back at.
  11. How can it sound even better live than on CD? Your ears are blessed!
  12. You enjoy it intensely and secretly hope that the concert never has to end.
  13. But then you hear one more song being played. The tears are already starting to come.
  14. And here comes the outro… No, it’s not over yet. There’s got to be one more song after this, right?
  15. You scream along with all you’ve got, just like the rest of the people attending: WE WANT MORE! But no, unfortunately it’s really over.
  16. You have to squeeze through a crowd of people to get to the exit. Sorry, excuse me, apologies.
  17. You’re finally outside, and the adrenaline rushes through your body. That was crazy!
  18. You’ve bought a lot of merchandise and are heading home with a full bag.
  19. You come home, hear buzzing in your ears and have lost your voice, but it was still worth it!
  20. You look in bed at the photos and videos you have taken. You’re already missing the concert! When is the next?

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels


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