Why having a pet is the best thing ever

Anyone with a sense of love knows that animals are definitely a part of this. Your own comrade is your everything, your greatest love. I’ll therefore happily list why having a pet makes your life ten times more fun!

  1. Always happy to see you

9 out of 10 times when you’re at the door fidgeting with your key, your trusty pet is ready to greet you. It’s so nice to come home this way, isn’t it? After all, someone missed you!

2. Hugs

Do you feel like cuddling? Well, most pets love to be pampered and giving attention to. You don’t have to ask anyone for a cuddle party, because you already have the perfect candidate in your house.

3. Never alone

Sometimes when you’re home alone, you feel like there’s no one there for you. Well, no! Your pet is always there for you and his/her presence ensures that you never feel alone again.

4. Way of speaking

People always say you put on a baby voice when you talk to your pet. Of course you do! It’s your baby. You even have your own language. After all, you can say anything to your best friend, and the looks in return say it all.

5. Excuses

The advantage of having a pet is that you can sometimes get away from the outside world for a while. When someone asks to meet up, you use your trusty comrade as an excuse. It’s time for a couch hangout with your furry friend!

6. Unconditional love

Being in a relationship is so complicated. You have to put a lot of time and effort into it, and sometimes it still ends badly. A pet only needs a few things: food, water, a toilet, a roof over their head and love. And you get unconditional love in return. The relationship between you two will never break.

7. Your biggest fan

Your biggest support is your pet. Everything you do attracts the attention of your faithful comrade. He often wants to participate in what you’re doing. Maybe not always helpful, but super cute.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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28 thoughts on “Why having a pet is the best thing ever

  1. Men voelt zich niet alleen met een huisdier rond je heen.
    Maar spijtig genoeg kennen de leuke dingen ook minder leuke. Als je dier ziek wordt of sterft ga je ook door een rauw proces door.

    Aum Shanthi

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