Suck at cooking? Then this’ll sound familiar to you!

I really enjoy cooking and I’m often told that I’m quite good at it. But there are also people who can’t cook. Of course that doesn’t matter at all, but if you recognise the following, you might have to consider hanging your apron.

  1. You start enthusiastically with a recipe, but after 30 minutes you’re already done with it. Why spend 2 hours in the kitchen if you can eat the dish within 10 minutes?
  2. You have no idea what’s in the recipe. What does deglaze mean again?
  3. Collecting kitchen utensils is hell for you. You had to order most of it online and then you find out while cooking that you bought the wrong thing…
  4. You used a shopping list, but when you get home you find out that you’re missing a few ingredients. Sigh, let’s go back to the store…
  5. Cooking is like math. You have to convert liters to grams and you don’t understand the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. And of course you don’t have a scale at home.
  6. When you’re cooking, you forget everything around you. Literally. You suddenly smell a burnt smell. Crispy indeed…
  7. When you’re cooking, the counter looks like your trash can. There’s something literally everywhere, one big mess.
  8. You’ll never understand how people can stay so calm. You have pans on the fire, you’re cutting vegetables, the oven is on and you still have to take things from the fridge. How do people do that?
  9. The finished product unfortunately doesn’t look good. Hopefully your dish tastes better than it looks… No, it’s not edible. That’s going to be a one-way trash can dump.
  10. At the end of the evening you have nothing to eat, the kitchen is a mess and you’re tired. Only one option left: ordering food.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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