Awkward moments that ‘only’ occur while using public transport

Travelling by public transport is often relaxing, just put in your earphones (or headphones) and stare out the window. But then the doors open and everyone is rushing to get a spot. Someone bumps into you and you struggle to keep your balance. If you often travel by public transport, these awkward moments will probably look familiar to you!

  1. Sweaty hands

Unfortunately, you can’t sit on a bus that’s too crowded. You therefore hold on to a pole with all your might, along with the rest of the travellers. You notice that the pole is warm when you put your hand on it. You try to wipe your hand, but then the hand above you slides down, ending on top of yours. You look at each other for a moment and then quickly look away. How long until the next stop…?

2. Seat stealers

You spot a seat and try to quickly walk to it, but then you see that someone else has the same idea. It’s even more awkward when you get ready to sit there, and the spot is snatched away in front of you. Now you stand in front of an occupied seat and everyone looks at you with pity. That’s why you quickly move on to another area of the bus.

3. Lost card

You have checked in properly and you hear the conductor arriving. You want to grab your travel card so that the check goes quickly. But when you feel in your pockets, panic sets in. Where is it? You search your bag, trouser and jacket pockets, but it’s still missing. The conductor stands in front of you and looks at you questioningly. He’ll probably think you’re travelling undeclared… When you want to explain that you have lost your public transport card, the conductor picks up a card from the ground. Phew, luckily that’s yours.

View from Back of Tram at the City

4. Temperatures

Why’s the temperature of the public transport never properly regulated? It’s as cold there as in Antarctica or it’s so hot that you can barely breathe. In the summer, always try to avoid the seats on which the previous traveller left a load of sweat. After all, you can’t get up and walk away, because then your fellow passengers will think it was you.

5. Running into acquaintances

Suddenly you hear your name. Oh no, that’s the last thing you want. An acquaintance walks towards you and plops down next to you. There goes your relaxed travel… You don’t feel like having a conversation at all. Why did you choose the same train journey?

6. Music on speaker

You’re sitting comfortably listening to your own music and then unexpectedly, the bus brakes. You fly forward and your phone falls to the ground. Your earphones linger and then you suddenly hear music. Your music, that is. Everyone can enjoy your playlist. You quickly grab your phone, turn off the sound and blush, trying to avoid other people’s eyes.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels

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