Recognisable things that happen during a plane flight

Whether you’re going on vacation or have an important business trip ahead of you, there are those things that only happen during a flight. These events will look familiar to those who have ever flown before!

  1. Toilet

Oh no, you suddenly need to go to the toilet. And of course you can’t do that without first having to crawl over the people sitting next to you. Excuse me, can I please move past you? I really need to pee.

2. Food

Somehow the food tastes very different on a plane than on the ground. Maybe eat your own snacks? Nope, never mind, that also tastes differently.

3. Sleeping

You have to kill time somehow, so you decide to close your eyes. But sleeping on the plane isn’t exactly comfortable. Certainly not with the leg space, which is slim to none.

4. Counting minutes

You get bored easily and want to get off the plane. How long do you have left? Are we almost there yet? How many hours, minutes, and seconds?

5. Emergency instructions

You’re so bored that you read through the emergency instructions again. Better be prepared, right?

6. Babies

You sit in a very nice seat on the plane, until a family with a baby comes and sits next to you. A crying baby to be exact. Help.

7. Steward

“Are you comfortable enough?” “Would you like something to drink or eat?” “Remember the safety instructions?” If I need anything, I’ll ask. Thank you very much. Now leave me alone.

8. Window

You have to get a regular seat by the window. That way you at least have a view to admire.

9. People next to you

Either four possible options: one who snores so loud you wish you brought earplugs, one who’s music is so loud that you don’t even need to bring your own music anymore, one’s watching a show and laughs so loud you have to look what they’re looking at, or the one next to you can’t stop talking to you and you find out that their son-in-law cheated on her daughter with her brother’s daughter.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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16 thoughts on “Recognisable things that happen during a plane flight

      1. Looking back, I should have. I was flying standby on flight passes (I work for the airline) so I kind of took what seat they had open on the plane. If it was bad enough I would have asked if I could take the jump seat, which is a spare seat in the flight deck which folds down. Uncomfortable, but you get the best view 😉. I doubt they would let me go in there mid-flight, though.

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