The things all parents say whenever you go somewhere

Having a nice day out with a few friends or going out in the evening, everyone loves that. But, when you still live at home, leaving the house is still a thing. You probably recognise these statements from your parents if you still live at home!

  1. Will you be careful?

No, you’re going to do very dangerous things. Just kidding, of course you’re careful. Don’t be silly.

2. Who are you gonna meet?

You’re planning a fun girls’ night out, but your parents immediately assume you’re going to meet up with a guy or someone you’ve met online.

3. Message us when you’ve arrived

It’s quite logical: just report that you have arrived safely. But you always forget to send a message… Oops.

4. Don’t cycle back all alone!

No, I’m definitely not going to cycle home alone in the dark. Um, okay, maybe. But hey, as long as I cycle in the light and along civilization, what’s the worst that can happen? Right?

5. Is your phone charged?

Yes, and there’s also a charged power bank in your bag, which is part of your standard equipment for when you go out.

6. Be at home before…

Whether you’re over 18 or not, your parents will always give you an ultimatum to come home. As long as you live under their roof…

7. Don’t do things I wouldn’t do

Well, in fact your parents were young too… So, what’s the big deal?

8. Is that what you’re wearing?

Okay, so your outfit isn’t to their liking. They prefer that you wear a turtleneck sweater and long pants. Get rid of those short skirts and dresses. Although they’re somewhat right about that.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Images source: Pexels

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