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Infected ear piercing or earring? I’ve got tips for you!

Nowadays many people have pierced ears, some even have them from an early age. Yet after many years you might deal with an itchy, infected ear, or even an inflammation. But I have some tips for that!

  1. Eye ointment

The irritation is caused by a small wound on the ear hole itself. This can happen, for example, if you get stuck in your scarf with your earring. It’s almost impossible to avoid such a thing, but with proper treatment, the wound can heal quickly. Leave that petroleum jelly and look for a tube of eye ointment. It works very well to tackle the inflammation from the outside.

2. Hygiene

As tempting as it is, you should never scratch! The bacteria on your hands can infect the wound even more. Do you still want to take off your earrings? Wash your hands well with soap before touching your ears.

3. Allergic reaction

Of course, inflammation can also be the result of an allergic reaction to the material in your ears. You can recognise this by swollen, red (or blue) and itchy ear holes. Usually that inflammation can be treated with the right disinfectant and the correct ointment and you don’t have to say goodbye to your earrings. Always ask the jeweller or pharmacy which ointment you should use for the best treatment.

4. Other material

The inflammation stays? Don’t worry. Visit the jeweller and ask for earrings made of a different material.

5. Expensive pair

The most important tip for choosing the right material: don’t buy a pair of cheap earrings, but invest in a slightly more expensive pair at the jeweller. At the jeweller you can choose from surgical steel, titanium, silver and yellow or white gold. At the very least, try silver and avoid titanium or surgical steel, as these tend to be the most irritating.

6. Sleep routine

You can sleep with your earrings, unless there are a lot of pearls or other things hanging. Always putting in and taking off your earrings isn’t such a smart idea, because that’s when wounds arise. Those wounds can ignite again, and so you’re back to square one.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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