Hate working out? Then this will sound familiar to you!

I personally like working out, but is sports not your thing at all? Don’t feel like it and think it’s a waste of time? Or do you simply not have time for it? Then these thoughts are probably very recognisable to you!

  1. Sweating

The first reason you detest sports is all that sweat. You stink, you feel dirty and when you work out in a gym, you also smell the sweat of others.

2. Too much effort

You completely freshen up in the morning before exercising, but what’s the point? You get dirty and tired again. You have to shower again and do your hair and makeup. And your energy is nowhere to be found for the rest of the day.

3. Associations with PA

Working out always reminds you of PA at school. And that’s called nothing but trauma. How you were always picked last… Those balls right in your face… It’s still etched in your memory.

4. Summer body

Every spring you say to yourself: “Now I’m really gonna start working out for my summer body!” But when it comes to that, you don’t feel like it. And exercising in that warm weather? Not very wise. You decide to postpone it until next year.

5. Muscle pain

Why the hell would you do something that hurts? Just for fun? After five minutes on the treadmill, things start to hurt already. Then you have muscle pain for three days. Forget it, never again.

6. No time

During the day you’re incredibly busy, and in the evening you just want to lie on the couch. To relax and watch a series. And you really don’t wanna get up early in the morning to exercise.

7. Fitness equipment

When you enter a gym, you often have no idea where to start as you scan all sports equipment. You don’t know how half of the things stationed there work and the other half don’t appeal to you at all in terms of use.

8. Other people

What you also find very annoying are the people in the gym. And especially the typical fit guys and girls who take it all a little too seriously. Or those people who constantly moan with every move they make. Please do that in the bedroom, will you?

9. Sports clothing

You don’t like tight sports shorts, and sports bras aren’t your thing either. Get yourself some nice wide jogging pants. And not even to go jogging. No, you leave that to those who wear such a tight sports outfit.

10. Hunger

If you have exercised for an hour, you’re hungry. And so you basically eat the calories you just burned. So you might as well not have gone… Waste of time!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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