This is relatable to you when you love sweets

Sweets are of course allowed, but in moderation! Because otherwise your teeth and body will become quite unhappy. But if you have a weakness for sweets, then you’ll undoubtedly recognise the following!

  1. You always want to eat something sweet after dinner. Even after you finish dessert. Your stomach is far from full!
  2. “Why can’t candy be dinner?” Um, well, you still need to get other nutrients and candy doesn’t have much of that.
  3. If one of your friends takes an apple from the fruit bowl, you would rather have some candy or a biscuit/cookie.
  4. Savory? No, thank you, I want something sweet!
  5. Chocolate is always the answer. It doesn’t matter what the question is, because it’s your life motto.
  6. When you’re in class, or at work, everyone comes to you for something sweet. Because they know exactly where to get it.
  7. You look in your cabinet, and find out that someone ate your biscuits/cookies. Oh no you didn’t! You owe me a new package!
  8. If there’s nothing sweet in the house, you get incredibly cranky. You really can’t do without sweets around you. Don’t talk to me, unless you have something sweet for me.
  9. But when you eat your favourite sweets, you’re happy. Nothing can make you grumpy at that moment. Okay, only when it’s all gone.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “This is relatable to you when you love sweets

  1. In the famous words of Remus Lupin, “Eat [chocolate]. You’ll feel better.” My sweet tooth may very well be my downfall 😂

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