Awkward moments we’ve all endured at least once

Whether you’re at work, in school or in public, everyone has experienced awkward, shameful moments. And strangely enough, some of these things are just perfectly normal. Unfortunately, there have always been a few laughs, and that’s what makes it so embarrassing.

  1. Opened zipper

Oh shit! Now people see what colour underpants you’re wearing! Or even what kind of underpants you’re wearing at the time. With a red head, you turn away from everyone to close your zipper.

2. Toilet door not closed

You sometimes have those locks, of which you’re not 100% sure whether or not they’re really properly locked. You take the chance and pull your pants down. But then someone pulls your door open. Well, there you are, seated on the toilet with a red head.

3. Tripping

You miss the last step and almost fall on your nose. You can just grab onto the railing, but everyone has already seen you. And you’re ashamed.

4. Ignoring crush

You tried to start a conversation with your crush, but he/she doesn’t feel like it. Now everyone could see you failing live. Awesome.

5. Acting tough

You decide to act tough for a change and to make fun of the teacher/boss. Well, that’ll cost you dearly.

6. Parents bring lunch

Oh did you forget your lunch again… Well, there’s your mother, heading over to you. “You forgot your sandwiches! I just cut them in half for you and added extra toppings!” Yes, thanks, mum. Can you go now please?

7. Caught

You cheat during a test, and the teacher catches you. Or you’re being caught watching an episode instead of working like you were supposed to. Either way, you either get an F and have to leave class, or you’re being fired by your boss. I don’t know what’s worse.

8. Leaking

For women, this is the worst thing that can happen to them: leaking through when you’re on your period. You can’t help it, but you still feel ashamed if there’s a red spot on your white pants.

9. Stumbling

You just can’t control your nerves and you turn bright red during a presentation. You also forget your text and talk nonsense.

10. Ass crack

This often happens to those who wear their pants low. When they bend down, it looks like a construction worker is at work. And why’s everyone staring at that in the first place?

11. Being called to the office

Everyone looks at you and starts speculating about what you might have done. Maybe you stole something? Or will you be suspended or fired?

12. Chair issues

You know the feeling that you sit next to your chair or simply fall off. And everyone just laughs while your head turns into a tomato.

13. Wet pants

It rained this morning, and your bike saddle was wet. But now there’s a wet spot on your bum, and people are gonna joke that you peed your pants. Why’s that so funny anyway?

14. PA

During PA, all kinds of embarrassing moments happen. You can’t push up, you can’t climb a rope, you get a ball right in your face, you miss. You name it. PA is the worst subject there is, and it’s the perfect place for lots of awkward moments.

Rectangular White Table With Rolling Chairs Inside Room

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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20 thoughts on “Awkward moments we’ve all endured at least once

  1. Funny story…my bathroom door used to not latch properly, which I was aware of, but didn’t care as long as it was closed. One day I had the window open in the bathroom and when someone opened the front door, the pressure change in the room sucked the bathroom door open while I was on the toilet πŸ˜…. Fortunately, no one saw anything, but it was pretty humiliating haha! I fixed the latch pretty quickly after that.

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