The things you recognise when you can’t keep plants alive

It’s not you, it’s the plant! You try to put the blame on them every time, but let’s face it: it’s your fault. You’ll undoubtedly recognise this if you suck at keeping plants alive.

  1. When you receive a plant as a gift, you’d prefer to say: take it and save it! You’re already 100% sure that he won’t survive the week with you.
  2. You have no idea how to keep a plant alive and take care of it. The instructions on the plant card seem to be written in Hebrew. Should the plant be in or out of sunlight?
  3. You forget to water the plant. Oops, maybe you should add a little more water now? Nope, no use. It’s dead.
  4. Sometimes you have to look after plants for a week, but you already know that the owners of those plants come home in pure grief.
  5. Apparently you also have plants that sometimes have to change to be indoors and outdoors? But you really don’t feel like carrying that heavy flower pot outside and inside all the time.
  6. You have magical fingers, because even cacti won’t last long with you. If you water a plant on time, it’s a plant that doesn’t need water.
  7. You have several plant self-help books, but they still die. How’s that possible?
  8. When you finally manage to keep a small plant alive, you’re very proud of yourself. But then you wonder: can I do this again?
  9. You’re jealous of all your friends who have exotic plants in their house. You want that too, but that’s not possible.
  10. You want to have something green in your home, so you buy a fake plant. He can’t die, right?

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Images source: Pexels

14 thoughts on “The things you recognise when you can’t keep plants alive

  1. I try – like, I’ll do all the research, but then it always comes down to the fact that I just forget to water them 🀣

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