Hate speaking in public with presentations? Then these things will look familiar to you!

Presentations, we all have to do them either at work or school. Although I really enjoy them myself, I know that there are many people who’re terrified of speaking in front of a class/team. That’s why I’ve collected a number of recognisable thoughts!

  1. You’ve spent nights worrying about how the hell you’re going to learn everything by heart. Because using a cheat sheet is out of the question, and quite unprofessional too. And that makes you more nervous than ever.
  2. The day of your presentation you feel really sick. You can barely eat anything and only think about how you’re going to fail, while everyone is looking at you.
  3. You check the schedule and see that you’re the last one to give a presentation, at the end of the day. Great, then you’re stuck with that stress all day… How on earth are you going to survive this day?
  4. Your friends/colleagues/classmates try to calm you down and support you. They all say it’s going to be okay, but you’re convinced it won’t. You still can’t eat anything, and you can’t even drink.
  5. You walk into the classroom/meeting room and see that no one’s absent. Why’s no one sick today when you have to give a presentation? Every other day, ten people are sick…
  6. ”Who wants to go first?” the teacher/boss asks. You hide, don’t make eye contact and think: not me, not me, not me.
  7. And then you’re the first to be chosen. You’re filled with nerves, but on the other hand you’re also glad that it’ll be over soon. If you had to wait much longer, you know you would’ve gone crazy.
  8. Your friends/colleagues/classmates give you a thumbs up and you’re glad they’re here. Now you can look at them a little more often, so you can keep your nerves under control.
  9. Oh no, this is going wrong already! You forgot half of what you were supposed to say… Now you just have to improvise on the slides. That probably won’t matter much, will it?
  10. Yes! The presentation is finally over. You listen tensely to the commentary and find out you did quite well. So all that tension was for nothing!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels

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