Things every hairdresser recognises

A friend of mine, Jade, has been a hairdresser for years. She listed some thoughts and irritations, and decided to dedicate an article to them! And actually they’re more like revelations, so behold!

  1. They don’t really listen

Every day a hairdresser hears stories from the customers. Although a hairdresser sometimes answers or seems to listen, they really don’t remember what you say. When you come back a few weeks later, the hairdresser will therefore act as if he/she still knows exactly what you were talking about then.

2. The hard question

There are many customers who’d like to exchange their black hair for light blond hair, but that’s a very difficult task. Sigh, here we go again.

3. Lots of hair

When someone’s waiting with lots of hair, the hairdresser secretly hopes that that person is not his/her next customer. That’ll take hours!

4. Different hair colour

The hairdresser has dyed someone’s hair and they come back a few weeks later to have it dyed again. But then it happens regularly that that colour is gone. The hairdresser often mixes some shades together, so that it’s reasonably close to the first hair colour.

5. Gossiping

Sometimes, when an annoying customer leaves the salon, the hairdressers talk to each other about that person. Because yes, a hairdresser also has to vent.

6. Reject a customer

Sometimes the hairdresser rejects a customer. Yes, there’s in fact still plenty of room, but the hairdresser needs a break at that moment.

7. Try to sell products

How often do hairdressers try to sell you a product? At a pretty high price? They only do it to make money. Your hair won’t get any better.

8. No free service

No, a hairdresser doesn’t want to cut his/her friends or family for free. It’s his/her job, and he/she wants to earn money to be economically independent. Please go to another hairdresser.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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