The thoughts you have when you receive your paycheck

I think you, like everyone else, can’t wait for your salary to be deposited again. And strangely enough, the money never stays in your possession for long, because you spend it right away. No matter what you do with it, I bet you’ll recognise the following thoughts!

  1. Have I been paid already?

On the day you know that your wages will be deposited, you constantly check your bank balance to see if it’s indeed there. And when the day is almost over, you only get more nervous. Where the hell is your money?

2. It was today, right?

You spontaneously start to doubt whether today is really the right date. You check your agenda, text your colleagues to ask if they have received anything and keep checking your bank balance. All day long.

3. I’m rich!

Every month, as soon as you see that money in your account, you almost feel like a millionaire.

4. I can do so many things!

The pay couldn’t come in early enough, because ticket sales for that one concert will start next Friday! And those cool new shoes from Nike? Oh and you can put some money in your holiday piggy bank!

5. Shop till you drop

However, the first thing you’ll do is shopping. Because that one pair of pants really needs to be replaced. And then you see a pair of shoes, even more beautiful than the shoes from Nike! A few minutes later (and quite a few euros/pounds/dollars lighter) you close your computer and wait patiently for the items you have just ordered.

6. Restocking

You can finally get some goodies at home again. Let’s see… Chips, chocolate, wine, pizza. Take advantage of it!

7. Do I have to pay for bills?

Only after you have already spent quite a bit of money on clothing, food and the like, you suddenly realise that you have not yet taken a single look at your administration.

8. There’s nothing left!

After paying the bills (which luckily you had just enough money for) you realise that nothing of your wages remains. Especially not when you include your (monthly) budget…

9. Save some money

You may need to transfer the money you have left (although not much) to your savings account. Then you can’t spend that. Why didn’t you think of that before?

10. When will my next paycheck come?

You immediately grab your agenda and circle in red the day that you’ll receive new wages. Which is only a month away…

Love, Skye Lewis / Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “The thoughts you have when you receive your paycheck

  1. Ah yes, the paycheck anticipation, high, and subsequent anticlimax (which, incidentally seems to only hit harder if you earn tips XD) I know it well, haha!

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