Lies we were told about adulthood

How often have you heard people say: ‘I want to have it done before I’m 25’. 9 out of 10 people probably won’t. Because once you’re an ‘adult’, none of the following turns out to be true. Welcome to adulthood.

  1. You only suffer from pimples in your youth

Not true, you have them all your life. Age never matters, hormones do.

2. A thousand euros/dollars/pond isn’t much money

Well, if that lands in your bank account and you have to pay hundreds of bills… That’s a pretty nice amount!

3. I’m quite grown-up despite my age

But if you think about how you behaved then… Um, maybe you weren’t ready for that word yet?

4. It’s not a phase, this is who I am!

You said that every year. But when you see your school photos again, you swallow. Although you have to laugh really hard about it afterwards. What were you thinking, with that pink hair!

5. I’m 18! I’m an adult!

By law, yes. But in your head you’re not yet an adult. And be happy, enjoy that for a while. Because you don’t have to be grown-up yet.

6. Socks are the worst gift

Once you’re an adult, a pair of Christmas socks will make you really happy. Because those things are quite expensive! Bring on those warm feet!

7. Going to bed late each night

I can tell you one thing: as you get older, you’ll find out how important and pleasant sleep is. You’re really going to see it as heaven.

8. Staying at home on a Friday night is boring

And once you grow up, it takes a miracle to get you off the couch to go out at all. Netflix is your one and only best friend.

9. We stay friends forever

As you grow up, you find out that some childhood friends aren’t meant to stay forever. You’ll always meet new people. And the friendship won’t disappear completely! But just a little less.

10. Planning things is so much easier

I hate to bring it to you, but that’s not true. It takes a lot of effort to find a gap in your agenda in which both you and the other person have time to meet. It can sometimes take weeks before you see each other again. Sometimes even months.

11. I’ll have a house before I turn 30

Take it easy, because it’s not easy to just buy a house. And you really don’t have to have a house before your 30th. Live life as it comes, and don’t join the “that’s the way it should be” business.

12. Dating gets easier

I think it actually gets more difficult. Only then you really find out what interests someone has. And a relationship in your teens is more for fun. A relationship when you’re an adult tends to be “forever.”

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “Lies we were told about adulthood

    1. I totally agree. There’s little to no education about adulting but we are automatically expected to know the *adult thing* to do in a given situation when we eventually become one. 🤦‍♀️

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