The shape of your lips tell you your personality

One has full lips, while the other has very narrow lips. Do you have thin lips? Then you don’t mind being alone every now and then. Narrow mouth? Then you’re more selfish in relationships. Check the shape of your lips and find out if your personality is right!

  1. Full natural

This lip shape shows that you care deeply about others. And you have a strong urge to protect and care for others. Full-lipped people always put others first and value relationships.

2. Thin upper and lower lip

Someone with thin lips doesn’t mind being alone once in a while: they don’t have to live in company 24/7. In addition, they’re not as strong in relationships as people with fuller lips.

3. Pointed cupid’s bow

Then you’re good at communicating, always sharp and super creative. You also have a good visual memory. Because you’re so sharp, you sometimes react (too) quickly without thinking.

4. Barely visible cupid’s bow

This is someone who sometimes gives too much and doesn’t always think about themselves. In addition, people with this lip shape have a great sense of responsibility.

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5. Full in the middle

Are your lips fullest in the middle? Then you like to be in the spotlight. Often the people with these lips love attention and prefer not to be alone. Furthermore, they’re often a drama in relationships, but very lively and carefree.

6. Narrow mouth with full lips

These people tend to think more of themselves than of the other in a relationship. They also don’t get attached quickly in relationships and it takes time to do so.

7. Hardly any upper lip, normal lower lip

This person puts achievement above relationships. The lives of these people mainly revolve around achieving a lot, which means that relationships don’t always run smoothly.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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