Do you have no sense of direction? Then you’ll recognise this!

Fortunately, it doesn’t bother me, but there are people who just can’t handle traffic signs and maps. Because reading maps is impossible for them and they’re always late, because they have lost their way again. For them, Google Maps is the best invention ever. These things will probably ring a bell with you if you don’t have a sense of direction!

  1. You get stressed when people ask you directions.
  2. A maze and/or house of mirrors are your worst nightmares.
  3. As a child, your name was regularly called out: “Would the parents of … come to the reception please?”
  4. People regularly lose you, or to be honest: you just can’t find the others anymore.
  5. Walking in the woods isn’t for you: you have zero orientation.
  6. You lose your bicycle in the bicycle shed.
  7. You forget where you parked your car in a large parking lot.
  8. You have certain routes you drive and if you come from another direction, you’re completely lost.
  9. You don’t even try reading a map. You might as well try to translate the Chinese alphabet.
  10. You’re always at least 10 minutes late because you have walked/cycled/ridden the wrong way a few times. Hello huge detour!
  11. You never sit in the front of the car, because you’re not worth much as a co-pilot or navigator.
  12. Before you walk out the door, you map out the route completely. Otherwise you just won’t get there.
  13. You blindly follow Google Maps.
  14. Even when you walk out of a store, you don’t remember where you came from.
  15. It’s very difficult for you to separate left and right. Left! No other left!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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18 thoughts on “Do you have no sense of direction? Then you’ll recognise this!

      1. My directions are usually interesting at the very least XD “…and then you make a left at the building that is half-brick, half-wood, and with a sign that has a great dane on it, before crossing over a creek – but if you pass a barn with a smiley-face on the side of it, you’ve gone too far…”

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