Reasons why you might dislike travelling

I personally think travelling is one of the nicest things there is. Get away from home, discover other countries and new cultures. But of course, and that’s not surprising, there are also people who don’t like to travel very much. Are you not a travel type? Then you’ll recognise this!

  1. Backpacking

You and travelling light on holiday, that’s almost impossible. You always like to take your entire wardrobe with you, so that’s a good reason to never go backpacking. Because if you had to carry the entire contents of your suitcases on your back, your back hurts just thinking about it…

2. Flying

You think it’s pretty weird that a one-ton plane takes to the sky. Because if that thing falls from the sky (which isn’t a bad idea because of gravity), then you’re dead, right? No, you’d rather stay with both feet on the ground.

3. Money

You don’t have that much money, and you always think of other things you could do with that money. Shopping for example.

4. Camping

This really is your worst nightmare. Why on earth would you pay money for a long journey, only to stay in more primitive conditions afterwards?

5. Foreign countries

You don’t like it, that foreign language and all those strange people. You don’t feel safe at all. What if you’re kidnapped? Or robbed? And what about all those creepy beasts? That’s a little too much risk for you!

6. Diseases

You’re also afraid of getting infected with a scary disease abroad. Of course you know that there are vaccinations, but you don’t feel like having a needle stuck in your arm to ‘prevent’ that.

7. Different language

You haven’t the faintest idea what’s being said. You sometimes have trouble understanding the dialects from your own country.

8. Food

Foreign food? No thanks! You prefer to take a sandwich with cheese and go to McDonalds in the evening.

9. Wi-Fi

You just can’t live without it! How else would you survive a week on holiday? Because leaving Netflix at home is just a no-go! And you have to let your followers on Instagram know where you are and what you’re doing.

10. Control

You can’t stand it if you have no control over something. If you don’t know what you’re going to do that day or what you’re going to eat in the evening, you panic.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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