The things we all hate when summer is over

The holidays are over and you have to go back to school/work. That alone is a good reason to be upset. From the alarm going off again to the weather… And these things make you feel extra bad!

  1. Teachers/boss

You see all those pesky teachers again, or your boss. Listening to their lessons, paying attention, doing homework, working over hours. And you definitely didn’t miss your teachers/boss at all during your holiday.

2. Holiday stories

Once at school/work you’ll hear all kinds of fantastic holiday stories from your classmates/colleagues. Bali, Barcelona, ​​the Maldives: the most fantastic destinations pass by. It seems like everyone has had a cooler holiday than you.

3. The alarm

Let me sleep, please! Why does that thing have to make so much noise?

4. Summer clothing

Bye bye shorts and shirts, hello coats and jackets. Back to the cold, bye to the heat.

5. The weather

Cycling to school/work through the most horrible weather circumstances: you hate it. You can’t wait for summer to come back again so you can lie on the beach.

Turned Off Laptop Computer

6. No more lying down

You spent your holiday lying down all day. On a sunbed by the pool, tanning on a towel, you name it. You now have to exchange that lounger for a hard wooden chair in the classroom/at work.

7. Boring view

On holiday you enjoyed multiple beautiful views. City tours, beaches, even the view from your hotel. Now your view is the blackboard/bulletin board.

8. Instagram feed change

During the holidays you’ve provided your Instagram feed with beautiful photos. Azure seas, white beaches, colourful buildings. Now that you’re back, your feed will be gray again.

9. Obligations

Sleeping in is no longer an option. Going to school/work during the day, doing homework/late unfinished work in the evening and working on the weekend with your part-time job/extra job. It seems you’re running out of time. You’ve become so used to doing nothing.

10. No more snacks

Eating ice cream all day long, drinking summer drinks and snacking on the terrace. But once home, you eat boring sandwiches for lunch again and eat vegetables, meat and potatoes in the evening.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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