The things that only happen in films/movies

Everyone watches films, and everyone has their own genre that they absolutely love. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that only happen in films. For example, waking up next to that one handsome girl/boy. If you’re hoping that a nerd in your class suddenly turns into a hottie, I have to disappoint you. Just like with the things below!

  1. Lunch breaks

Singing out of nowhere in the middle of the canteen? And on top of that dancing where everyone participates enthusiastically? Plus know the passes and song lyrics? Yeah, no, we’re not in High School Musical honey.

2. Discovered by a record label

Whether you participate in a musical or karaoke evening, there’s always one important man present who immediately convinces you of your singing talent. And believe it or not, you’ll immediately be offered a record deal. Not happening in real life, no sir.

3. Unnecessary zapping

As soon as the television gets turned on, there’s always a program on that fits the character in that film. It doesn’t even matter which channel it is, not even what time. We want that too!

4. Waking up looking fresh

Sure enough, every character that just wakes up looks absolutely perfect. Even after an evening full of alcohol. That film magic and makeup tho…

5. Diving into danger

You hear a scary sound, and you immediately run towards it. Wait… Aren’t you supposed to run from it? Yes, now you’re in danger, and you’ve got no supernatural powers to protect yourself. Dumbass.

6. Twist

Suddenly your brother’s best friend turns out to be your lost twin sister! Yeah, no… Not likely.

7. You’ll always hear one another

The distance doesn’t matter at all. And if there’s hard rock music, yes you can still have a conversation. Well no, your throat would hurt in real life! That’s how loud you have to scream.

8. Main characters never die

Whether they fall from twenty floors high or are shot, they always survive and get back up on their feet. If only that was possible in real life…

9. Only one punch necessary

You slam that creep to the ground and immediately run away. Uhm, shouldn’t you check first to make sure he’s really knocked out so he can’t chase you again? Geez, how stupid can you be?

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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