A recipe for the perfect chill night

Sometimes you just want to chill and do nothing at all. Especially if you’re an active person, your body also needs plenty of rest. When you’ve finally gotten yourself to plop down on the couch, you’ll go all-in with this ‘recipe!’

  1. Invite your chill buddy

You have different kinds of friends; with one you can party for hours, with the other you can chat about all the happenings in life, and with some friends you can just chill really well. You either like the same series, or enjoy eating the same food together. Unless you need a moment for yourself, then you can of course also chill out on your own!

2. Chill outfit

Before you can chill, you have to exchange your tight jeans for a slightly better comfi outfit. Wear clothes that are great for you to chill in. Leggings, sweatpants or nightgown; everything’s possible!

3. Favourite comfort food

You can’t chill without comfort food. Think sweet, salty, crispy, cold; you have to be prepared for anything. You don’t want to have to go to the store on the evening itself. Let go of the guilt and enjoy all the guilty pleasures such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

4. Series or magazines

A chill evening isn’t complete without entertainment. So make sure you have a series ready to watch. Netflix is ​​your best friend! If you want to start a new series, you can always look around on social media to see which one is really worth watching. If you decide to chill outside, bring a stack of magazines with you.

5. Comfortable setting

If you sit on a rug in the grass for more than an hour, you’ll suffer from pain in your arse. So be prepared and bring a cushion or chair, and a cool box/bag. Of course you don’t want your snacks to be spoiled by the sun. Also think of music, cups and cutlery. If your chill evening takes place on the couch, make sure you have enough blankets and pillows. Nobody wants to get a stiff neck or cold feet!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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