You’ll recognise this when you don’t get a tan that easily

No matter how often you lie in the sun, tanning in’t an option. Maybe a little browner, but never that perfect shade. The only colour you get is red, from burning. Are you also ‘blessed’ with these problems? Then you’ll recognise the following things without a doubt!

  1. Why aren’t my teeth as white as my legs? Then I could win boys/girls over with my smile instead of trying to discolour my legs in vain.
  2. Stop asking me if I even step outside. Because I do. Do you think that I deliberately chose to have such pale skin?
  3. Am I out of sunscreen already? You have to put on so much sunscreen that you actually need a new bottle every day. There goes your money…
  4. Has my skin even tried to discolour? You only see the discolouration come through when you lie in the sun all day. But even then the colour difference is minimal, or you have become so red, you look like a tomato.
  5. No, I don’t want to compare my arms with yours. It’s great that yours are browner. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. No, I’m not sick! I feel fine. I just have pale skin. If I was really sick, I wouldn’t be here.
  7. No, I don’t need to go to a tanning salon. Besides, it’s not the solution for my pale skin, it’ll only make it worse.
  8. Black and white clothes are an issue. Black makes my skin look even paler, but white doesn’t suit me. What should I wear now? Probably yet another coloured shirt… But why are most shirts black or white?

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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Images source: Pexels


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