Quick breakfast ideas when you’re in a hurry

It happens that you sleep through the alarm, and don’t have enough time for breakfast. I therefore have 5 simple breakfast ideas for you! You always have the ingredients at home, and it saves a lot of time! Because you should never skip breakfast!

  1. Yogurt

You can add whatever you like to your yogurt. Think fruits, grains, honey and so on! Any combination is possible. It’s not only easy, but also very tasty and refreshing!

2. Crackers

These are often already prepackaged, and you can once more decide for yourself what to put on them! You can grab something sweet, such as chocolate sprinkles or chocolate spread, or something savory, such as avocado with cheese for example. And do you want to make sure you’re getting enough? Then buy slightly thicker crackers with, for example, grains!

3. Smoothie

Is that even considered breakfast? Yes, for some! You have people who, due to the stress of being late, don’t eat anything at all. And then a smoothie is the perfect solution! You can throw in different fruits, or even vegetables! Very healthy!

4. Grilled cheese sandwich

The advantage of this is that you can put it in the sandwich maker, and do other things in the meantime. By the time you’re done (be careful not to burn it!) you’ll have a tasty sandwich to eat!

5. Cornflakes

Make sure you have milk at home, a clean bowl and that you have your favourite carton of cornflakes within reach. And once more, you have many variants! Do you prefer chocolate or natural?

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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Images source: Pexels


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