Types of classmates we all went to school with

Of course, every person is different and you absolutely can’t compare people, but there are a number of types that occur in (almost) every class. Do you recognise the types below?

  1. The person who gets along with every other person. How is it even possible that you’re friends with everyone? How?
  2. The technician who always helps the teacher to solve technical problems. To the teacher a lifesaver, to the rest, not so much.
  3. You also have the silent student who you never hear, but who’s very nice. Because believe me, you want to get to know those types. They’re very kind!
  4. The humorous kid who makes the lesson less boring by constantly making jokes. Bring on the laughter!
  5. But unfortunately we also have the variant who thinks they’re funny, but in fact they aren’t. In fact, that person is incredibly annoying. And the humor is mostly based on mean jokes about others. Not cool.
  6. You also have those girls who try to impersonate a Kardashian. Is that really what you want I wonder?
  7. The student who always has earphones in and can’t survive a lesson without music. And honestly, I am the same!
  8. The slimeball who, oddly enough, always gets high grades, but never seems to study. Maybe it’s because it’s a favourite of the teacher? Or is that just an illusion?
  9. These are really the worst: the student who casually reminds the teacher that no homework has been assigned yet. Shut your mouth!
  10. The girl who loves spreading gossip and looking for the latest dramas every day. Sure, fill your cup of tea.
  11. And last but not least, the student who forgets all his stuff. Sure, I have a pen and paper for you, but I certainly won’t give you my homework. Not a chance.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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14 thoughts on “Types of classmates we all went to school with

  1. “How is it even possible that you’re friends with everyone? How?” I always find myself asking that of at least one person XD

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