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You can use deodorant for other purposes too!

Ever thought about what else you can use your deodorant for? It can do much more than just provide your armpits with a fresh scent. So are you curious which life hacks I have for you this time?

  1. Blisters

Baby powder helps against blisters in new shoes, but so does deodorant! Both products reduce the friction of your skin in the shoe, which helps prevent blisters. Squirt some deodorant on your feet from a good distance before putting on your shoes. Otherwise it won’t work.

2. Mosquito bite

Suffering from an itchy mosquito bite? A little deodorant relieves the itching because of the aluminum it contains. So get rid of that scratching, deodorant is the solution!

3. Nail polish remover

Don’t have nail polish remover at home, but want to remove the current nail polish from your nails? Spray a little deodorant on a cotton pad (not directly on your nail) and it does the same trick as a bottle of remover!

4. Squeaking door

A squeaky door in the house will most likely drive you crazy. Not only olive oil ensures smooth door hinges, so does your deodorant! Spray some deodorant on the hinge and the squeak disappears.

5. Fresh

A small bag of lavender in your wardrobe gives your clothes a fresher scent. But spraying deodorant in a clean sock gives the same refreshing effect.

6. Stains

Deodorant as a stain remover? Sounds crazy, but if it’s smudged on smooth surfaces, it works perfectly. Spray a little deodorant on the spot and remove the stain with a cloth. And that’s it!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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Images source: Pexels

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