Thoughts we all have when we’re watching a film/movie

We all go to the theatre/cinema to watch a new film/movie. And although you obviously try to pay attention during the film, there are still a lot of (recognisable) thoughts flying through your head. Let’s see if you have these too!

  1. Why do people talk?!

It makes sense that they think something about the film and would probably prefer to discuss it right away, but those people are really not the only ones in the room!

2. I need to pee…

But, you really don’t want to miss anything…! Why did they take that break away? Yes, you should have gone before it started. But that large cup of Coke came out a little faster than you thought. You couldn’t have known that, could you?

3. That expensive?!

Once you paid something like 2 pennies for a coke at the cinema. And now it’s already 3 pounds! Who came up with those ridiculous prices?

4. 3D-glasses annoyance

Not only does it give you a headache, the glasses wearers among us also have to place it over their own glasses. That’s really annoying!

5. Tears in your eyes

Why are you crying, that’s so stupid! Oh, the one sitting next to you is crying too. And you hear some sobs in front of you and behind you… Okay, you’re not the only one.

6. Comfortable chairs

You wish they sold these chairs in IKEA too. I mean, isn’t it ideal to have a drink holder attached to your chair?

7. Size of the drink

Shall I take the small Coke… No, that’s not enough. I’ll go for the big one… No, that’s too much! Okay, I’ll settle for the medium.

8. Importance of after credits

You’ll stay until the bitter end at all costs. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see the credits? Sometimes there are extra pieces in there! And of course, as a diehard fan, you just have to see everything.

9. Get rid of your phone!

The white screen in front of you is driving you crazy. Can you please put it away? The lights are already out! Oh, and please turn off your sound. Thanks.

10. Trailer knowledge

The trailer showed way too much of the film. And those were the funniest parts of the film. And what was left? Yes, that was quite disappointing actually…

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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