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How to feel fresh in the morning? I’ll tell you how!

We can all say yes to this: the morning isn’t exactly the most effective and active time of the day. You get out of bed (after hitting that snooze button a dozen times), put on your clothes and throw a cold splash of water on your face. Do you want to feel less tired and sluggish in the morning? Then I have tips!

  1. Scrubbing

A face scrub is there to make your face look like it’s taken care of, but it’s also a very fresh start to your day. Because when you apply a fresh, fruity scent to your face, you can start the day with a new dose of energy!

2. Creme before makeup

Before you apply your makeup, it’s better to put cream on your face first. Then wait a few seconds until it has dried, that way your skin is less dry and applying makeup isn’t nearly as harmful to your face/skin!

3. Water instead of showering

If you prefer to take a hot shower in the evening because you don’t really have time for it in the morning, that makes perfect sense! But you’re often still tired when you get up, so you have to shake yourself up a bit. Dab a little bit of cold water on your eyelids so that your eyes open more. And while you’re at it, splash some water in your face.

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4. Showering? Alternate

It sounds strange, but alternating between hot and cold water has a positive working effect. Of course it takes some getting used to (especially the cold water) but the cold shower prepares your body and mind for the day to come. And then let the warm water flow over your body.

5. Teeth

There are people who brush their teeth before they start breakfast. But if you really want to have fresh breath when you leave (and a fresh taste in your mouth) then it’s better to do this after breakfast. Moreover, you immediately brush away the food residues, which is positive for your teeth themselves.

6. No coffee

I know that many people need coffee in the morning to wake up, but this isn’t good for you! That’s because you have a lot of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body in the morning. It also ensures that you wake up in the morning. The hormone makes you less sensitive to caffeine. Drinking coffee at such a moment simply doesn’t make much sense.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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