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Be careful when you meet online friends or dates

Meeting up with someone you’ve met online can be dangerous. But a big part of our lives takes place on the internet, so why not make friends or even fall in love? It can be risky, but it can also lead to something very beautiful! But to make sure everything goes well, you better read these tips first!

  1. Catfish

People can pretend to be someone else online – different gender, age, name, photo. You might know the Catfish show on MTV? So be careful!

2. Online meeting place

If you talk to people on a random forum, it’ll often not end well. Opt for a more secure environment, such as Facebook. That’s not to say nothing can go wrong there, but it’s better than a public chat room. Also, think wisely before accepting a friend request on Facebook. If you’ve never seen that person and there are no mutual friends, then you’d better refuse them.

3. Analyse information

Does your online friend only say superficial things and nothing personal? Or does it all sound pretty unbelievable? Or is there very little evidence about that person? Those are signs that indicate that person is probably a Catfish!

4. Ask for a video call

That way you find out if that person is real. Via a video call you have proof that it’s the same person as in the photo. Or not.

5. Careful with what you send

Don’t send spicy messages or photos. Know that the latter is first of all very dangerous, because those photos can be spread. Also think about the possible consequences when you meet. Such photos and messages can be misunderstood.

6. Don’t go alone

This way, there’s someone close to you if things threaten to go wrong or if that person turns out to be fake. Also make sure your parents know where you are!

7. Meet during the day in a public space

The smartest thing to do is to meet somewhere where there are many people. Like in a busy cafe, in a market, in a shopping center. Never meet at someone’s house! That’s stupid and dangerous!

8. Dare to say no

If you meet and you don’t like something, don’t be afraid to say no. If you don’t feel comfortable, leave. Just be careful!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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