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Remedies to get rid of an irritated nose

The most annoying thing is a cold that lasts for weeks, or your annual year hay fever. Not to mention that red, irritated nose that also makes itself known. But I have a few tips that will contribute to quick relief and healing!

  1. Hydration

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, especially water. Avoid diuretic drinks such as alcohol, coffee and tea. And It’s actually not recommended to take a hot shower, because the warm water will dry out the skin even more.

2. Tissues/handkerchiefs

Use your handkerchief correctly, because the constant friction will damage your nose and the skin around it more quickly. Because you blow your nose more than you like when you have a cold/hay fever. The (salty) snot causes dehydration faster. And that in turn causes that red, irritated nose. So don’t blow, but rather dab.

3. Care products

If you have an irritated nose, now’s not the time to exfoliate your skin. And don’t use products with a high alcohol content! This will only dry out your skin even more! And perfume or parabens in a product? Also a no go!

4. A wet washcloth

Now you may think: does that help? It has a healing effect! An irritated nose can really hurt, so you can cool the chapped skin very easily with a clean washcloth. Use cold water (not lukewarm or warm) and hold it under your nose for 15 minutes. Preferably do this lying down. Then pat (don’t rub) your nose dry and apply moisturising cream to your nose to prevent further dryness.

5. Nourish

Even if you keep having a runny nose and nothing seems to work, keep nourishing that chapped skin. The greasier the cream you put on it, the better it’ll work.

6. Makeup?

You can, but if you want to apply concealer (or other makeup) use a sponge instead of a brush. This’ll save your skin. Why? A brush just rubs, and the sponge is soft. Be careful with the dry skin you press against your skin when you apply makeup. Prefer to keep everything you use natural, that’ll make your nose much happier.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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