Thoughts we have when we’re shopping for groceries

Grocery shopping. You can do it every day or once a week. But are you someone who sometimes forgets things? Or are you annoyed by other people? Whatever happens, you’ll recognise the thoughts below when you go grocery shopping!

  1. Parking spot

That’s often the problem. It doesn’t matter whether you come by car or by bike, there’s simply never enough room to park your bike or park your car. Does everyone decide to go grocery shopping at that exact moment, or aren’t there enough parking spaces?

2. What did I need?

You walk into the supermarket, and find out that you have forgotten your shopping list. Or even dumber: that you didn’t make a list at all. What do you need? And what ingredients did you have to get for that recipe? And did you still have enough toilet paper?

3. Can’t find anything

You walk from one side of the supermarket, promptly to the other, and back again. Can’t they be practically classified? Preferably a bit like your ordered shopping list? Or maybe you should take a good look around to see if you can take care of it yourself without having to ask anyone who works there?

4. How much do I need?

Good job for writing down which meat you need for that recipe, but uhm, how many grams do you need? And did you have to take one or two packets of broth with you?

5. Is this an offer?

You’ve seen every brochure, and you’ve made a nice list of offers to save money. But then you come to the supermarket, and there appears to be no offer at all! Wasn’t it get 3 apples, pay 2? And didn’t you get an extra free can of Coke with a 1 liter bottle?

Woman in White Coat Holding Green Shopping Cart

6. May I pass?

You understand that people sometimes have to stop in front of you to grab something, but can you please park your cart (or basket) somewhere neatly so that others can still pass normally? Thank you for the effort.

7. Crying kids

You just entered the supermarket, and hear a child crying from an aisle somewhere closeby. There’s no way you can shop in peace now.

8. Maybe another cash register?

There’s so many people in line, and only one cash register seems to be working. This is gonna take forever… Why don’t they open up another?

9. Calm down please!

It almost looks like a competition! The cashier beeps as if his/her life depends on it. You do your best to throw everything in the cart right away so that the counter doesn’t pile up with all your groceries, but it goes so fast!

10. That’s a lot of money…

You finally get everything in your cart, and then you hear the total amount that you have to pay. How can it suddenly be more expensive? Which groceries have increased in price this time…?

Person Holding Orange Fruits in White Net

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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14 thoughts on “Thoughts we have when we’re shopping for groceries

  1. I hate it when there’s a huge line of people with their carts filled to the brim with food, and then I have like two products

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