Make your own KitKat milkshake!

We all love KitKat: “Have a break.” And what better way to do that than with a real KitKat milkshake? This delicious recipe is ready in no time!

Ingredients (for 1 milkshake)

  • 1,5 KitKat bar (6 sticks)
  • 2,5 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream
  • 150 ml of almond milk
  • Whipped cream (topping)
  • Chocolate sauce (topping)

What you need

  • Large glass
  • Straw
  • Blender
Person Holding Brown Ceramic Mug With Red Rose

How to make it

  1. Break the KitKats into small pieces and make sure to save 1 stick for garnishing!
  2. Put the KitKat pieces in the blender and add the milk and ice cream.
  3. Blend the mixture until all the pieces are gone. (Believe me, that doesn’t drink very well when you use a straw).
  4. Pour the milkshake into the large glass and add some whipped cream on top. (Tip, use fresh whipped cream!)
  5. Put the straw and the remaining KitKat stick in the milkshake and garnish with some delicious chocolate sauce.
  6. You won’t drink it right away? Then put it in the fridge!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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Images source: Pexels

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