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The books I’m currently working on

As most of my readers know, I’ve been a published author since 2014. I’ve published 6 books thus far, and I’m currently working on 4 more. Yes, you read that correctly, 4. Today, I’m gonna explain in tiny details what those books are about that you can look forward to!

  1. Raven’s Phoenix part 2 and 3

Obviously, it’s pretty obvious that I’m working on the sequel and following that the third book of the trilogy. I’ve already made quite some progress with the second book and know exactly what’s gonna happen and how it’s gonna end. Now it’s just a matter of typing it all out. Same goes for book three. Obviously I haven’t started writing that yet as book two needs to be completed first, but I do know how the third book’s story is gonna look like and how the whole series will end. Both books will be named a little differently, but it’ll still be called Raven’s Phoenix, with an addition. You’ll find out once it’s done and ready to be published. Also, book 1 can still be bought via Amazon and! As both paperback and ebook!

2. A sci-fi/dystopian book

Earlier this month I got the most genius idea to write a new book. And I pitched the idea to multiple people, who were all extremely excited and said that this might make the top seller shelves in bookstores. I’m feeling extremely confident about this one, and I’ve never felt this confident before in my life. I’m gonna send this to publishers once I’ve written enough for them to read and hope that they’ll wanna publish my book to make it more known. I can’t give any more details, but I promise you it’s gonna be a bestseller. And thus, I can assure you that you’re gonna love the story. I already have the title, and quite a few pages of the book. But nowhere near done!

Rewrite Edit Text on a Typewriter

3. A war book

Remember the Netflix competition I participated in? Well, I had an idea for a film script and thus a film, but I decided that it’d be much better as a book. And maybe if it breaks through, someone would be interested in bringing it to the big screen, who knows. Once again, I can’t give too many details, but it’s not your general war story. There’s lots of surprises that aren’t common within the history we know. It’s daring, but I believe the story has lots of potential. You’ll find out once I’m done with it.

4. Some other books

I was also working on a horror/thriller, but I’ve put that aside for now as I’ve never been confident enough about it, not as I have been with the other four I already mentioned. So, I’m probably gonna let that be a side project and maybe finish it once I’ve finished the other four. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll drop it in its whole.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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