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A bunch of tips for whiter teeth

Jane is always trying to whiten her teeth. Now, she send me an email asking if she could share her tips with my readers, and so here she is! I wonder if we’re all gonna end up with whiter teeth soon!

  1. Lipstick with a blue undertone

You don’t have to walk around with a blue lipstick, but look carefully at which shade of lipstick you apply. Any colours that include orange and gold will emphasise the yellow in your teeth. Colours with cool, blue undertones – such as some shades of red, burgundy and purple – will emphasise and bring out the white in your teeth. With a lipstick like this, your teeth look much whiter.

2. Apples, celery and cheese

Apples contain the substance malic acid, which is also used in products that tackle stains on the teeth. It also produces more saliva, which ‘dilutes’ the deposits that can settle on the teeth so that stains become less visible. Celery contains a fibrous cellulose that acts as a natural scrub to fight stains. Chewing celery also helps keep your gums healthy. Dairy products such as cheese and milk, in turn, contain the mineral calcium that neutralises the action of acids in your mouth and reduces the impact of stains. Calcium also strengthens tooth enamel.

3. Use a ‘smart’ toothpaste

There are more and more innovative formulas that can whiten teeth without damage. For example, think of the ‘blue’ toothpastes that contain blue pigments. The idea is that when the light reflects off your teeth, they appear whiter. There are also whitening toothpastes that remove stains with mild ‘abrasives’ such as silica and sodium bicarbonate. This polishes the teeth and makes the stains less visible.

Closeup and Selective Focus Photography of Toothbrush With Toothpaste

4. Drink water

Very simple: water washes away the food particles that would otherwise stick to your teeth. Water also stimulates saliva production, which helps remove bacteria and acids. For example, always drink a glass of water after coffee, cola and wine. You dilute the deposits that can cause stains.

5. Apply a bronzer

A bronzer is the fastest way to get sun kissed skin. But did you know that it also makes your teeth look whiter? With a (matte) bronzer your skin gets a little more contrast in comparison to your teeth. Subtly apply the bronzer to the points where the sun would hit your face (forehead, cheekbones, top of your nose) and also apply a little to the cupid’s bow of your upper lip.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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