How to maintain your privacy? Here’s how!

It’s very important to occasionally reflect on the state of affairs with your privacy. This applies to both online and offline. After all, we do a lot online and we have all kinds of functions turned on. But what happens to all the information that apps collect? How do you protect yourself?


  1. Use the same password

By entering the same password everywhere, you’re easy to hack. And once someone has access, he or she can also look in all your other accounts. Using a password with many characters won’t work either. It’s best to come up with a password that’s a sentence.

2. Post too much information

Not everyone needs to know everything about you. For example, a burglar would like to know when you’re on vacation, but you should never post anything about this! If you still want to share something, make a best friends list on Instagram, for example, or choose which friends can view your post in the privacy settings on Facebook. This way, only the people you give permission can view your stories and feed.

3. Don’t use public Wi-Fi

Never log in with your personal bank account while using a public network. Never transfer money when you’re on this network. Rather use a secured network or your own connection.

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  1. Protect your account

On Instagram and Twitter you can set your account to private in settings. This way you prevent random people from following you and you have control over who sees your feed. Also smart: the two-step verification. With this verification you can only log in to your account if you also enter the SMS code that you receive by phone. Activate this function under ‘security.’

2. Turn off activity status

This goes for both Instagram and WhatsApp. Don’t want people to see when you were last online? Then go to your settings to ‘privacy’ and turn off your ‘activity status’ or ‘last seen.’ Only drawback: you can no longer see when your followers/contacts were last online.

3. Separate socials

Don’t link all your social media together. Prevent your Instagram followers from viewing your Facebook feed and vice versa if you don’t want to.

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