Save or kill tag

I think that most people are familiar with the whole ‘kiss, marry, kill’ tag. But I don’t really like that one, so I searched along the internet and stumbled upon (okay, watched a version of the Maze Runner cast) the save or kill tag. And today, it’s my turn to answer the same questions they did!

  1. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars, easy. I love Star Wars and have been a fan of the franchise for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen all films and would love to have my own Lightsaber someday. I did have the opportunity once, but I didn’t do it and now I regret it haha. But no, Star Wars forever!

2. The Wire or Mad Men?

The Wire. I must be honest and say that I’ve never seen both. But, I Googled it and I saw that The Wire has actors that I know. So, that’s gotta be my pick then!

3. Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

GOT. I do love this, also because there has been many actors that I love who portrayed a big or small role in this series. I haven’t fully finished watching it yet, which I should, but yeah I pick GOT over BB any day.

4. Zelda or Mario?

Mario. I grew up with Mario, it was the very first video game I ever played on my PC. I’ve never really liked the Zelda games, so this isn’t a very hard pick.

5. Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Han Solo, he’s from the Star Wars universe, meaning as a fan, I can’t let him die. I’ve watched the Indiana Jones films but, I don’t know, hasn’t really been my thing? Even though I do love Tomb Raider… I’m weird, I guess.

Silver Ipad on Silver Macbook Pro

6. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

TRS, because I grew up with them as my father is quite the fan. I’m not really a fan of either of them, but I know more songs from TRS.

7. Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?

Harry Potter! Those were the first books I read the second I could read, and were also the films I watched so many times. I love this whole franchise (the writer not so much). I can’t live without HP!

8. Iron Man or Captain America?

Captain America. I’m not a Marvel fan, so I actually don’t like both. But Chris Evans, playing Captain America, is cute. So, if he keeps playing him, I’ll keep him.

9. N’Sync or Backstreet Boys?

Backstreet Boys. My mum loved them when she was younger, and I do like some of their songs as well, especially their newer ones. There’s only one song I like from N’Sync, and they don’t exist anymore anyway. So, I guess the pick isn’t that hard.

10. Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey?

Twilight for sure. I don’t like SM, I’m ace. So, no, Twilight all the way. Even though I never watched anything from Twilight, I still pick that over that horrific SM any day.

photo of hands holding a book

11. Alfred or Yoda?

I love both, so this pick was by far the hardest for me. But I’m team Alfred all the way, best sidekick/butler Bruce could ask for. Sorry, Yoda, I do love you a lot. But I just can’t bail on Alfie.

12. Scorsese or Spielberg? 

Spielberg. I love most of his films, especially Saving Private Ryan, Ready Player One, Back to the Future and War Horse. Can’t wait to see which films he’ll direct next!

13. DC or Marvel?

DC all the way! I love Batman the most, it’s the one superhero I’ve read almost all comics from and am still trying to get the newest ones. But I just love DC more, in general. So, sorry Marvel!

14. Back to the Future or Ghostbusters?

BTTF for sure. I love all films and still rewatch them from time to time. Ghostbusters I’ve seen only once, and that was good enough for me. But I have no issues with returning to Michael J. Fox.

15. The Sopranos or The Walking Dead?

TWD, I love the series and the games. I haven’t finished watching all seasons though, because my goodness there’s so many of them, but I do love what I’ve seen so far.

Man Holding Remote Control

16. Michael Jackson or Prince?

Sorry, dad, you’re probably gonna be pissed at me (because he’s a die hard fan of Prince) but I’d pick MJ. I’ve just always fancied his music more, and I listen to his music every day. And as for Prince, I kinda only like Purple Rain. Sorry, dad!

17. Batman or Superman? 

Batman all the way! As I said earlier, he was the superhero I grew up with. I watch any film or series that mentions Batman, just because he’s my favourite superhero.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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